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About Maine Coon Melody!

We're A New Maine Coon Breeder. 

Hello, my name is Ana Liseth, I'm happy to inform everybody about our family cattery in Skokie Illinois, breeding Maine coons. Our kittens have their forever home in the United States, where everybody is welcome to meet our kings and queens and choose their future kitten. We are very passionate about our little angels. We give them love and respect because they are not just animals or pets, they're part of our family they bring happiness to us without asking for anything in return. They have our upmost love and care. We all grow up as one lovely family with me, my Husband Victor and my girls. We show our angels how to socialize, playful, and loving. We hope to send them to families who will receive them with happiness and love just like us. 

From this little angle to this big King!
About Our Cats! 
You will be glad to know that our cats are registered with "TICA" And "The Cat Fancier's Association".  All our cats have been genetically tested. Lastly, our male cat Dexter won the Best of the color award, with our female cat Cruella winning the second best of breed, and best of the color award. 
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